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 Find basic directions on exactly how to start and maintain your own garden! Gardening Directions is the new gardening community for beginners and experts alike who are Grow vegetables, herbs, or just about anything.

Our Mission
To educate anyone who wants to start their own garden. To provide a community for gardening enthusiasts, beginners and experts alike.

About Us
Founded on February 25th, 2011, one of the reasons for starting this worldwide gardening site was for us to share with you our love and knowledge about cooking what you grow, healthy living, gardening and plants. We also wanted to learn from our readers and fellow gardening lovers. As the web site grows so will the abundance of information and resources available to us all. We want this to be your web site for all of your gardening needs.

About the Founding Experts
Tom and Marcia are the two founding gardening experts behind Gardening Directions. They are two gardeners from different backgrounds and they both bring a lot of different ideas and cultures into the availability of information on gardening here at Gardening Directions. Marcia's gardening roots originate in her native Jamaica where as a young child in a rural farming community she quickly developed a keen sense of what works in the garden and why. She is somewhat of an herbalist that regularly "prescribes" natural and herbal remedies to all. Tom is Florida native who started in the landscape and lawn care business and became a Certified Master Gardener and a Certified Horticulturist through the University of Florida program.




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