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bamboocrop bamboo landscape gardeningThere are many people who never would even contemplate using bamboo in their landscape because of some misconceptions about turning their yard into a jungle. The clumping type of bamboo will stay in one spot and will not take over your yard. There are also a number of dwarf varieties that will fit nicely in a small space or in a container. Here are 5 reasons to try bamboo.

1. There is a Danger of Extinction. For many reasons including rapidly losing its habitat,many species of bamboo are in danger of disappearing in the wild and need to be saved before they are lost forever. You can help to preserve the species by growing some in your landscape. A report from the United Nations states that over half of all species are threatened. Plant as many varieties as you can because this beautiful plant contributes to a healthy environment.

 2. Will Grow In a Confined Space. Despite its reputation for growing out of control this is a plant that can be controlled in a small environment. Root pruning will help to keep it contained. Planting bamboo in a container will slow down its growth considerably. Bamboo will give you shade and a forested effect  much faster than anything else that you may plant.

 3. Helps to Save the Environment. This fast growing plant does many things that are helpful to the environment. Bamboo absorbs 4 times the carbon dioxide and releases 25% more oxygen as the hardwood trees that you would normally plant in your landscape. Plant a tree and it can take decades to reach a size that a bamboo will reach in only a few years. The roots also greatly enhance the surrounding soil.


4. Versatile Building Material. There are many uses for this versatile and prolific grower. If you have the room you can grow enough bamboo to sell to manufacturers in your area. Some of the uses of bamboo are, flooring, fencing, building material, high quality fishing poles, furniture, crafting material and even Rain Sticks which we handmake and sell in our Bamboo Products section of

 5. Easier to Control Than You Would Think. One of the easiest ways to control this speedy grower is to cut down the new shoots. Root pruning will also slow down the growth. You can also put a root barrier in the ground to stop the roots from spreading. This is a very easy plant to maintain. It is very low maintenance but it will thrive with regular water and fertilizer.





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