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Bamboo, which is in the grass family, is one of quickest growing, beautiful and dynamic additions to any landscape. It can give you shade and privacy in a fraction of the time as a regular tree. All of the following species will be adaptable for most of the Southern United States and are the non-invasive clumping variety. Bamboo grows world wide. Most of the varieties are native to the Orient.

bamboocrop bamboo gardening

1. Bambusa chungii. This popular species is also known as Tropical blue bamboo, White bamboo and Emperor's blue bamboo. The pale blue appearance gives this bamboo a mystical look. This bamboo can reach 30 feet and can take temperatures down to 21 F.  


2. Bambusa emeimensis viridiflavus. Maximum height is 35 feet. It will take temperatures down to 24 F. Also known as Yin Yang Bamboo. Has a beautiful striped appearance. Excellent hedge or privacy screening.

3. Bambusa lako. This beautiful species from the Indonesian island of Timor. It begins green and turns a purplish black as it matures. It can reach up 45 feet tall and will take temperatures of 27 F. Sometimes comes with green or yellow stripes
4. Bambusa malingensis. Also known as Sea Breeze or Maling bamboo. This quick growing medium sized bamboo will quickly fill your landscape. It can grow to 35 feet and take temperatures of 21 F.
5. Bambusa oldhamii. This is one the best known and popular used bamboo species. It is fast growing and can reach 55 feet and take temperatures to 21 F. Also known as the Giant Timber bamboo. The shoots are very edible and tasty. Eating the shoots is one way to keep growth in check.
6.Bambusa pervariabilis viridistriata  This popular landscape specimen also known as Sunburst bamboo is very fast growing. It  can reach 45 feet. New shoots have green stripes on a cream background maturing to yellow with varying dark green stripes. Very striking specimen will take a very low 15 F.
7. Bambusa textilis Mutablis. Known as Emerald bamboo. Reaches 35 feet and will take temperatures of 20 F. This is one of the many varieties of the Bambusa textilis species.
8. Bambusa textilis gracilis. Known as Slender Weavers or Graceful bamboo. It is an all green type. Will reach 30 feet and take temperatures of 15 F. It's smaller size makes it a great choice for landscaping a smaller garden.
9. Bambusa vulgaris vittata. Known as Golden Hawaiian Bamboo. This is one of the most beautiful and recognizable of all the Bamboos. It's bright yellow color with random green stripes make it stand out in any landscape. It really looks like it is hand painted with enamel paint. Can get very big up to 50 feet and can take 25 F
10. Bambusa vulgaris wamin. This is one of the most unusual looking bamboos. It is called Dwarf Buddha Belly bamboo. Swollen inter nodes give it it's nunusual appearance. It will only reach 15 feet and it takes temperatures of 27 F. A good choice for Florida. It makes a a great backdrop for a pond.




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